March to May

Quick highlights from March to May.
• Zachary enjoyed (for about 10 minutes) hunting for Easter eggs, opening them, and eating the snacks I put inside. It was fun to watch him!

From March to May

From March to May

From March to May

• Zach’s First haircut

From March to May

From March to May

From March to May

From March to [...]


We went to Tampa as a family at the end of February.

From Florida

Randy worked on Friday while Michelle and Zach met up with Heather, Paul, and Ellie.
It was fun to hang with them in Florida, even though they live 10 minutes from us in Richmond.
I am writing now…Zach:
We went and saw manatees and played on [...]


We had a blast in Norway the past 11 days. Zach did GREAT the entire time from planes, trains, automobiles, and boats. The time 6 hour time change did not seem to bother him one bit.

We flew from Richmond to DC to Copenhagen, Denmark to Oslo, Norway. The return flight was the same except we [...]

Christmas in July

We experienced Christmas in July this week. Thursday morning, after feeding Zach at 5:30AM I went downstairs just like a kid on Christmas Day. I opened the door to the garage and there it was…. beautiful and blue. It was my new RIDE!

It is amazing to drive. It has more features than I [...]


Zach and Michelle took to the skies to visit Nama for her birthday. It was Zach’s 1st plane ride. He did a great job. He ate, slept, played and read books. His favorite part was walking the airport in the Bjorn facing EVERYONE!
Texas was a BLAST! We first saw Aunt Violet and a friend from [...]

May 2008 (stories from previous site)


Williamsburg  Saturday, June 7, 2008
We went to Williamsburg to visit Andrew and Charis. We played, went to see NARNIA: Prince Caspian. ( Zach did an AMAZING job), ate dinner, watched a horse race (on TV), and ate ice cream. It was very fun!
Friends from Africa and Boston  Thursday, June 5, 2008
Michelle and Zach, along with [...]