5 months old

Zach is 5 months old. Time is flying and we are having so much fun with him!
Zach has 2 favorite animals his Yellow Duckie (which is in the car) and his Green Froggie (seen above and below).

“Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” …not quite the case for Zach. He is starting to sit up [...]

2nd Annual GC Pres Men’s Camping Weekend

Randy and some guys from our church went camping this past weekend. They had a great time of fellowship and adventure. I heard a midnight hike and apple-launching were some of the highlights. This year they camped and hiked at Henry Lanum Loop Trail near Buena Vista, VA.

Back Row: Cory, Joey, Hunter, and Abe
Front row: Randy, Trek, Ryan, [...]

I have feet!!!

Zach has found his feet. He enjoys grabbing, playing with, and talking to them.

Christmas in July

We experienced Christmas in July this week. Thursday morning, after feeding Zach at 5:30AM I went downstairs just like a kid on Christmas Day. I opened the door to the garage and there it was…. beautiful and blue. It was my new RIDE!

It is amazing to drive. It has more features than I [...]

Rachel and Zach

Sunday, July 6, was Rachel’s 2nd birthday. The past 2 years have been both very long and hard, as well as fast and full of wonderful things. We miss her greatly and wonder what she would have been like. We long to see her dancing singing, playing, and smiling in heaven. Every year on Rachel’s [...]

4th of July

The Riggs came and visited us for the 4th. We went to an old fashion 4th celebration at a nearby park. The kids enjoyed washing clothes by hand, sliding down the slide, riding a pony, high five-ing Uncle Sam on stilts, face painting and more for FREE!

Check out Zach’s leg!

Silas doing the laundry.

Wesley on the [...]

4 months old

Zach weighs 14 1/2 lbs. and measures 24.5 in. Way to go big boy!
He has started rice cereal, which on most days he likes
He is great at smiling and laughing. He enjoys swimming, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth and pulling on mommy’s hair. Zach continues to love taking walks with his daddy.