Norway pictures

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We had a blast in Norway the past 11 days. Zach did GREAT the entire time from planes, trains, automobiles, and boats. The time 6 hour time change did not seem to bother him one bit.

We flew from Richmond to DC to Copenhagen, Denmark to Oslo, Norway. The return flight was the same except we [...]

Zach is 6 months

It is hard to believe that Zachary is 6 months old.
He can:
• Sit by himself
• Squeal in delight (we call him the Pterodactyl)
• Roll over front to back and back to front
• Eat oatmeal and other foods
• Smile at people
• Transfer objects from hand to hand
• Recognize mommy and daddy’s voices
• Pull Timber and Trek’s [...]

Grandpa, Grammie, and Uncle Joel come to visit

Zach had such a great time with his grandparents. They brought him books, a ball and clothes.

Grandpa Frank fixed our leaky faucet while Grammie played with Zach.

Uncle Joel came down for the day too. He and Randy played Freesbie Golf and Poker.