Snow in Richmond!

We found snow!! The Children’s Museum made snow outside for the kids to play in over the weekend. Zach went on Friday afternoon. I will let you see his impressions of snow for yourself….

This stuff is freezing on my hands.

From Zachary Jonah

Enough is enough! I can’t believe I am sitting in a kayak in the snow. Does my mom really think this is a fun sled?

From Zachary Jonah

Needless to say Zach did not like the snow. But at least we tried.

2 Responses to “Snow in Richmond!”

  1. too funny! Asher hasn’t had a chance yet, but I’m sure he’d be none to pleased either.

    Is Zach on the mend?

  2. Too cute! My boys really didn’t get into snow till this year and it normally takes at least 20 minutes to bundle them up for 20 minutes of playtime outside ;-)

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